Snowden’s Quest

Snowden’s Quest 2D Platformer Game Released on

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Snowden’s quest is a platformer modeled after classic games such as Super Mario Bros, Mega Man, Castlevania, Metroid, Ninja Gaiden and others. The game is inspired by the real life events of Edward Snowden but re-imagines his quest for truth as taking place on an alternate, dystopian Earth.

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How to Play Snowden’s Quest:

Move: WASD or Up, Down, Left & Right Arrow Keys
Attack: Left Alt or K
Throw (with Power-up): V or L
Jump: Space or J
Enter Doors: W, S, Up or Down
Slide: X
Inventory: I
Secret??? N or Y (perhaps a power-up you acquire along the way…)


It is the year 20XX. In an alternate reality, on an
Earth very much like our own, a government has gone mad with power. The
world is suffering from endless wars and intense surveillance. At the
head of this dark government is a mysterious figure going under the
guise of Uncle Scam. It is unclear whether he is the true leader of this
dystopian takeover or just another player in a new world order. One
hero, Snowden, sets out to discover the truth behind the forces lurking
in the shadows and bring justice back to the citizens. He will face
technological nightmares, secret agents, genetically modified sheeple,
weapons of war and more as he sets out to save the world. He may be our
only hope.